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Cancellation Policy:

If you are not able to keep your scheduled appointment please give the practitioner 24 hours notice. If you do not call or arrive for your appointment you will be responsible for the full fee of that session. Extenuating circumstances are understandable and will be reviewed by the practitioner and potential waive of cancellation fee. Cancellations due to inclement weather causing road conditions to be unsafe will not result in any charges. Please be mindful to your practitioner and still call to reschedule. Thank you!


There have been a few changes made but they are simple and they protect us! When you arrive in the parking lot, call or text and practitioner will tell you when to come in for your session. Masks are to be worn from the time of entering the building until your session is over. Covid-19 specific forms are to be filled out, signed and temperature has to be checked. 

Professional Boundaries:

Inappropriate comments or conduct will NOT be tolerated. Any indication of such behavior will automatically and immediately end the session. In the event that a session is ended due to client inappropriate behavior, the client may be charged for the entire session.

If We Are Sick

Please cancel your appointment! If you are experiencing or had experienced 48 hours prior a  cough, fever, chills,aches, sore throat or any other symptoms of feeling unwell, please stay home and get better. Note that our team may advise you to reschedule in advance or in person if we feel you may show symptoms of illness. The safety of our team and community is very important to us. The same applies to our team, if we are feeling unwell we prefer to be on the safe side and stay home. Thank you and stay healthy!

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